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I have been interested in web design and development since I was 12, and I've watched the web change over the years from table-based layouts to mobile-friendly fully fledged desktop-like applications.
I started working professionally as a front end developer in 2018, building websites for car dealerships - using a wide range of technologies including <html/>, CSS, {.js} and {{ Vue }}.
In 2021 I started working at Barkweb, where I'm currently helping the team build a CMS and e-commerce/auction platforms using cutting edge technologies like $: Svelte, GO and >>esbuild to name a few.

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Originally from 🇮🇹, now based in the UK, I enjoy building great applications focusing on the finer details and user experience. A designer's mockup can be built into an application in a thousand different ways, which is why I'm so passionate about front end development.

When I'm not behind a screen you can find me playing drums, playing with my cat, or outside walking along the beautiful and chaotic beach of Brighton.

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